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Section 4.10

Lightning Safety for Outdoor Workers

Education and preparation are essential to achieving lightning safety.
Remember this simple lightning safety message and teach it to others:
“If you can see it (Lightning), flee it; If you can hear it (Thunder), clear it.”

Our Lightning Safety Plan includes the following information for everyone’s protection:

1. When loud Thunder is heard the danger from Lightning is very near to you. Lightning’s high temperature explodes the surrounding air. This always creates Thunder. BANG! BOOM ! CRACK ! (We hear Thunder).

2. Immediately tell others it is dangerous and all people should go to safe locations.

3. SAFE locations are:
a. Fully enclosed metal vehicles with all windows and doors closed.
b. Large permanent buildings.

4. NO PLACE OUTSIDE IS SAFE. AVOID being near any metal objects including fences, machinery and electrical equipment. AVOID solitary trees. AVOID water. AVOID open fields. AVOID small rain/sun shelters and gazebos. AVOID using the telephone or touching appliances. (Portable radios and cell phones are safe to use.)

5. When is it safe to go back outside? We suggest waiting a minimum of 20 minutes from the last observed Lightning or Thunder before resuming outdoor activities.

6.  People who have been struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to handle. Apply CRP immediately if you are qualified to do so. Get emergency help promptly.


Please re-print & distribute. Prepared by the National Lightning Safety Institute,USA.


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