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Section 6.1.13

NLSI's Short Version of Risk Assessment

  1. Lightning behavior is not fully understood. In another 100 years, science may roll back the “unknown” to the “known.” Today we can only agree that lightning is arbitrary, capricious, random, stochastic, and unpredictable.
  2. From a perspective of statistical probability, the likelihood of lightning striking your facility or structure is remote. Perhaps a one-in-a-million chance?
  3. If lightning did strike your operations, damage from a lightning strike is calculable. Consequences range from “mild” to “catastrophic.”
  4. Your options are:
    1. Do nothing. Run with the odds. Take your chances.
    2. Do something. Get some information. Perform a safety assessment. Install defenses for people and for the facility.
  5. Lightning doesn't care what you do.


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