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Section 6.3.3

A Slide Presentation on Lightning Defenses

Below are photos, taken by NLSI in its consulting and training work, that show various lightning protection mechanisms.

copper wire corrodes
ese air terminal ese air terminal
Surge protection devices are mandatory here
Surge protection to telecom coaxial cables
Overhead shield wire protection at railroad used for explosives
Remote siren at gold mine
Correct application of SPDs to Cat. B panels
ESE air terminal at Peruvian mine
air terminal design air terminal design
Faraday cage corrosion to grounding electrode
defective bonding strap beam bonding
Ufer ground
munitions storage
warning pole at Peruvian mine
equi-potentional metal mesh
quasi-Faraday cage
dangerous building at Peruvian mine
small shelter at Peruvian mine unsafe shed
portable lightning shelter at Peruvian mine
safe shipping container

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