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Section 6.5.6

2006 Take-Down of Six-Year Experiment
on Comparative Behavior of Air Terminals

The following photos were taken on visits in the summer of 2006 to check on the site. After six years, no strikes were observed to 80 lightning rods over the course of this field trial. Zero is a very important number (per Vlad Rakov).

Niwot Ridge Takedown 1
Damage to sawhorse platforms from high winds at HALOS experimental site, Niwot Ridge, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, at about 11,275 ft. elevation.
aluminum rods from experiment
Aluminum rods will be recycled.
collecting sawhorses
Sawhorses are collected for removal from site.
Bringing equipment down
All equipment is carried off Niwot Ridge (with thanks to Greg, Vanessa, Lindsey, and Lynda).


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