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Section 6.3.1

On-site Photos from NLSI Consulting Projects

Below are some photos from recent lightning protection and mitigation projects undertaken by NLSI.

A mess DIN rail SPD
A mess ! Make it right the first time, please! aBarrick - PVDC May 2011 045
spd bonding straps surge protection device needs
Access to remote mine via chopper, Papua New Guinea. All inspected work is per Motorola R-56. Excellent ! (Ghana)
power quality assurance is essential for medical facilities lightning causes problems at Cayman Islands Electric Power
Attention to details is required. (E-911 Call Center, TX) Blown breaker at power plant (Michigan).
Lightning refuge designed by NLSI Typical NLSI classroom setup
Catenary LP design to Navy storage depot, Virginia. Codes compliance is essential.
Inspection and maintenance are vital to a lightning protection system Insufficient protection for stores of explosives
Control Center at mining operation. Surge protection is installed. (Dominican Republic) Costly blade replacement. Cause - lightning.
Inadequate bonding means there will be trouble ahead All metal structures do not require air terminals
D-9 Takes Direct Strike. Operator is OK. Excellent details to communications cables. (Major banking company)
Richard Kithil and Chandima Gomes Helicopter-transportable lightning shelter
Four tall masts protect a rocket launch site in Virginia. Good Salesmanship. Poor Due Dilgence.
lightning code violations Grounding solution under difficult conditions
Installing quality SPDs at all 480V panels, Chile. Investigate and Verify !
US AFB class US AFB installation errors
Investigate and Verify. Lightning-proof and vandalism-proof guard shelter (Papua New Guinea).
Mt. Haleakala protection mine site protection 2
Lightning signature at blade tip. No lightning protection is required per USAF AFI 32-1065 (Louisiana).
mine site protection 1 Rehdon College seminars
NSL_postersFINAL_web_img_39 Orlando Alzamora, NLSI VP
NASA lightning protection Motorola R56 violations
Outdoor test center for lightning defenses (Huntsville TN). Overhead shield wires are the preferred LP design (Chile).
railroad circuits protection high-capacity SPDs
Poor lightning protection at explosives storage magazine. (Ghana gold mine) Questionable Refuge for Safety.
earth electrode sri lanka workshop
Recent NLSI project. Remote Lightning Siren at Mine Pit.
dfw airport dfw airport
Shipping containers serve as excellent personal shelters (Dominican Republic). Spanish language skills are a plus on jobsite.
overhead shield wires r. kithil at flight facility
Splash effect of lightning on wind turbine blade (Texas). Tall mast shields explosives storage containers, Tanzania.
poor grounding overhead shield wires
The NLSI Window. Unnecessary air terminal on transformer. (Required by Army Corps of Engineers, Wyoming).
poor grounding
poor bonding evidence
Unused coaxial cables are being removed. They are lightning conductors. (Huntsville E-911)  
high resistance at air terminal
sacrificial protective rods
earth electrode continuity air terminal on roof
outdoor worker safety class in Bangladesh
overhead shield wire dealing with dangers outdoors
ungrounded signal cable SPD bus bar grounding wire
bonding Air Force vehicles per spec bonding Air Force vehicles to prevent arcing
grounding at wind turbine farm ground resistivity
mine site protection 2 Richard Kithil does site assessment at a high-value facility

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