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Section 1.3

Who bankrolls NLSI?
Ford Motor? Texaco? Federal Express? Guess again. OK, it's...

The Zeus Club (for school kids)

Enlighten those who ignore the peril. Spark awareness of the hazard. Become a Lightning Bug. NLSI wants you to help organize and to promote lightning safety at your community, employer, organization or school.

Send NLSI a $25 membership donation and you will receive:

  1. Our lightning safety video (reg. $79.95)
  2. A personalized Zeus Club certificate of membership
  3. Access to, and participation in, our Internet "Ask Zeus Bulletin Board"
  4. Your name on our web site Zeus Club membership list

The $25 goes toward NLSI's lightning safety goals. That's cool. And you get our help to start your own local lightning safety program. So, if your employer, school, or sports team is in denial of the lightning hazard, you get to sound the wake-up call! By Jove! Join up today.

"I wondered why somebody didn't do something, then I realized I was somebody."
-- Rick Thompson, Orange County Public Schools, Orlando FL, Charter Member of the Zeus Club

For more information, email NLSI, or write to us at:

National Lightning Safety Institute
891 N. Hoover Ave.
Louisville, CO 80027

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National Lightning Safety Institute
Providing expert training and consulting for lightning problems